Benedict Cumberbatch’s sexiness questioned

This just proves that Moffat is wrong when it comes to sexiness. I mean, come on, look at both David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch!!! They are too much for words.

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This one is going to be a mystery for Benedict Cumberbatch fans.

According to Radio Times, a UK entertainment publication, the BBC didn’t think the actor was sexy enough to play the role of Sherlock Holmes.

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Photo Editting

Photo Editting

This has to be one of my favorite projects that I have done. I changed the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses and Sherlock’s suit to purple using the select-by-color and color-picker tools. Very time consuming, but very rewarding. Maybe one day I will have enough time to get super nit-picky with it and fix up those little problems. One day.

(Also, I don’t know when I will next be able to post, sorry!)

A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 6, The Book of Revelations

No, not that Book of Revelations.  *sighs*  I wrote this quite a while ago, but just now typed it up.  Sadly, I do not know just how often I will be able to do any of these in the coming weeks since I am going to be gone so often.  Please enjoy whilst you can.


The Book of Revelations

It’s amazing what one learns from grief,

The things it reveals for the first time.

It allows one to see past his or her shuttered eyes and

Into the truth.


Never before would I have thought that

One I had once trusted so much

Really has no capacity for emotional tirades,

When all you want is someone there for you and

They just abandon you along the way.


Life grabs you by the shoulders and shakes

One       Awake        So                   That

In               The    Midst                   Of

A               Crisis                One       Is

Sensitized        To          How     Things



I withdraw slightly from him

Now that I know what he really is.

But I don’t expect more

It’s not in his repertoire,

Just like some things are missing from mine.


So just beware the pitfalls in

Human nature, be aware in times of

Strife.  But don’t ever forget to live life to the

Fullest, and to never give up.

My Dog and His Tongue

I swear, my dog makes it so that I always get a picture of him with his tongue out.



I swear he was winking at me…

IMG_0992 IMG_0977 IMG_0989

That’s all!

P.S.:  Whenever summer starts for me (aka Thursday of this week), there are going to be a lot less posts as I will be super busy.  I’ll try to post as often as I can, but there can’t be any promises.

My Artist Statement (Plus Some New Photos!)

I realize that this is perhaps a bit late.  Oh well.

If I had to describe my style of photography, I would describe it as very macro, detailed photos that often have high contrast.  If I am able to edit my photos using Photoshop or GIMP, I tend to go overboard with the contrast (on both) and smart sharpen (only Photoshop).  If I am unable or unwilling to edit, the photos still have a fair amount of contrast.  All of the following photos are unedited, as I just took them yesterday and have not had the chance to edit them as of yet.  The photos also tend to either be at the direct center of the photo or very imbalanced with the subject of the photo far to one of the four sides.

High contrast example:

My aunt's cat.  Taken yesterday with my Canon Rebel SL1 camera with the 18-55 mm zoom lens.

My aunt’s cat. Taken yesterday with my Canon Rebel SL1 camera with the 18-55 mm zoom lens.

High contrast and centered photo example:

White flower.  Taken with my Canon Rebel SL1 camera with the 55-250 mm zoom lens.

White flower. Taken with my Canon Rebel SL1 camera with the 55-250 mm zoom lens.

Imbalanced photo example

Taken with my Canon Rebel SL1 camera with the 55-250 mm zoom lens.

Taken with my Canon Rebel SL1 camera with the 55-250 mm zoom lens.

My favorite elements to bring out are texture, light, and color.

Example of texture:

Cucumber.  18-55 mm zoom lens.

Cucumber. 18-55 mm zoom lens.

Example of color:

Eggplant. 55-250 mm zoom lens.

Example of light and color:


Pomegranate flower.  You can already see the fruit starting to form.  Taken with the 55-250 mm zoom lens.

Example of light:

Tomato leaf in the sun.  Taken with 18-55 mm zoom lens.

Tomato leaf in the sun. Taken with 18-55 mm zoom lens.

My main subjects tend to be flowers and plants, but also sometimes include animals, food, and occasionally people.

What People Will Do to Ensure a Good Grade in a Class

So, today I had to record a music video for my World History final.  Sounds like fun, right?  I mean, no actual test.  Yay!  No.  No yay involved for me.  This is what I got instead.

Fantabulous hair, right?

Fantabulous hair, right?

My good friend wanted to get extra credit for our final, Gatiss knows why.  My teacher is young and almost fresh out of college.  He loves to mess with his students and such and he likes to spread rumors that I used to have a Mohawk just to annoy me.  So he offered us 300 extra points on the final if I put my hair up in a Mohawk (though now he says he won’t actually give us 300…).  This is what ensued:

This is the only still I have, sadly.

This is the only still I have, sadly.

There is so much more, so much worse.  So, that bit clearly didn’t work.  So then we had this:


Pretty great, right?  To make it to this point, though, I had to go through excruciating pain and such.  Oh, also a gallon of hairspray in my hair.  Lovely, lovely stuff.  But that wasn’t even the worst bit.  After filming everything, my hair looked like this:

Photo_00003 Photo_00004 Photo_00005 Photo_00006 Photo_00007

And then when I took it out, this happened:




So skeptical over this extra credit.


Beginnings of an angry face.

Beginnings of an angry face.


This is what people will do for extra credit.  They are crazy.  I cannot believe I actually agreed to do this.  Well, I have no idea how I’m going to get this all out…

P.S.  Sorry for not posting over the past two days, I’ve been really busy!

A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 5, Trapped in Myself

This poem is a little older than the others.  I have some new poems, but I am too lazy to get up and get my journal and post more.  Maybe tomorrow.  Well, actually, I take that back.  Two days from today.  Anyways, enjoy!


Trapped In Myself

I look into the mirror and see a reflection

Of a different girl.  She is tall and confidant and everything I clearly am not. She flies and I fall

To the ground.

I place my fingers on the pane

Into that other dimension and see

What I could be if I were different.

Shows emotions, gossips, does what other girls do.

I turn around and see the real me, staring out from a portrait on the wall.

Short and slumped over

Not a smidgen of emotion on her round cheeks

A keeper of dark secrets

Avoider of most girls, who talks bad about cheerleaders and footballer players alike.

I turn to another side and see

What I used to be, when I was little

Happy and bright and oh so nice

Until provoked to violence.

Wreaking havoc unto her future self.

Blocking the only way out is the future

Imposing, though short

A wedding ring on her finger, but that doesn’t fool anyone

Because all know that she works with criminals all day

Finding if they are guilty or not, seeing crime scenes at least twice a week,

So most people and situations will not frighten her.

She is sure of herself and knows what to do, no matter what the case is.

I turn and face the walls around me, locked in a room of myself.

Never to fully return to one single state, but have a little of each one

To carry on my way home.


Please review, let me know what you think coming out of this poem.  I am quite curious.