A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 1, Broken

I just felt like being a bit… interesting with the title.  I have now decided to create a series of poems for you, the reader, to help those of you writing, out of inspiration, or whatever is ailing you to keep your mind fresh.  They will likely be hard or rough, and they might not all be by me.  This one is particularly rough.  Let me know if this is a good idea and if you would like me to continue or not.



That is all that I can feel.

Even more cutting than lying on my back in the snow

Stuck there by a broken knee just obtained

Lying there, all alone.

No, this is more, this is worse.

The cold is not on the outside,

But on the inside.

My heart, frozen over.

Black, dead, dripping with puscules filled with ooze

Yet I stand.

I stand here, but I feel…

Nothing but pain.

Pain, and the joy of causing pain in others.

Not physical pain, no, that is too simple of a task.

No, emotional pain

Get him where it will hurt and continue to hurt.

How to be “friends” with one that causes you so much pain?

Can you?

I don’t know.

All I know is that I feel like my world is on fire and at the same time

I am being dunked into a hole in the ice on the coast of Alaska,

I feel like my insides are slowly being crushed,

I feel as if I could rip a man limb for limb,

I feel like fire and ice rolled into one deadly package.


I bet you didn’t enter this into your “disaster chart” when you did your calculations.

Bet you wish you did now.


I both want to hate you and be your friend.

Look what you have done.




That is the horrific truth in this case.

Are you happy now?


What did you think?

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