A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 4, The World As It Is

I would say that this poem is a double-whopper.  Two hard hits on life.  I guess I should place a little warning in here.  This is deep and really personal.  In about the middle of the poem, I had a big revelation as i had split up writing it, if memory serves me right.  I would greatly appreciate any type of response.


The World As It Is

Sometimes I don’t see the point on living

In this world

If the world is just going to hell anyways.

I mean, I know that we go to school to learn from humanity’s past mistakes,

But sometimes all that school teaches makes me feel

Sad and Useless.

All the wars, all the conflicts over basically nothing

Has made me lose hope in humanity.

The things we have done to the Earth:

Nuclear weapon testing

Ozone depletion

Increase in greenhouse gases

Oil Spills


All these things that we have done, and for what?

There is no way for us to fix the problems

No way for us to take back all the wrong-doings we have done.

We can stop, but we cannot totally reverse the effects of what we have done.

Even today global warming is changing the environment.

Humid Houston had a cold front last week that had the low in the forties,

When usually at this time of year the low is already in the seventies or eighties.

So all of this

All of this

This mess we have made,

Us humans.

Is there any point really to live?

Can I make a difference in this world?

Will what I do really help the world in any way?

I want to make a difference, but what difference can a teenage girl whose life is school really make?

If this is all I can give to the world, then take it.

Take, spread it around, remake it.

Hell, I might feel like my life is shit,

Whine about not having a boyfriend, having too much work, my grades going to take a hit.

But you know what?

None of that really matters.

I don’t really matter.

The message is what really matters.

The world is what really matters.

So here, I’ll serve this to you on a platter,

The answer.

The answer to some of my previous questions.

Life matters because together we can make a difference.

We can try to back-track; get closer to how the Earth used to be,

But to do that everyone has to be in tandem,

We can’t make each individual life random.

The Earth might not be exactly as it was before, but,

So what?  The Earth was changing before humans were even born.

Now, the things I have said might not be what you yourself believe

(Which is totally fine with me),

But please just listen to what I have to say,

Don’t let the life of this one solitary girl go in vain.

And for all of you out there who think often of taking your own life,

Don’t go there, please,

It is not worth all the strife.

Now, I have totally changed topics, but why stop now?

Two important topics, one poem, will you stick around?

Life is precious, ok?

It has its ups and downs,

If anyone knows that it would be me,

For I feel the extremes of them all.

Whatever you are going through,

Others have felt as well.

Someone can help you through it, I promise,

And that person doesn’t necessarily have to be a professional.

In fact, if you ever just want to talk

About anything,

About life,

About death

Please, I am begging you,

Just let me know.


Now to lighten the mood!


My silly little brother in the hot tub, being a tomato.


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