A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 5, Trapped in Myself

This poem is a little older than the others.  I have some new poems, but I am too lazy to get up and get my journal and post more.  Maybe tomorrow.  Well, actually, I take that back.  Two days from today.  Anyways, enjoy!


Trapped In Myself

I look into the mirror and see a reflection

Of a different girl.  She is tall and confidant and everything I clearly am not. She flies and I fall

To the ground.

I place my fingers on the pane

Into that other dimension and see

What I could be if I were different.

Shows emotions, gossips, does what other girls do.

I turn around and see the real me, staring out from a portrait on the wall.

Short and slumped over

Not a smidgen of emotion on her round cheeks

A keeper of dark secrets

Avoider of most girls, who talks bad about cheerleaders and footballer players alike.

I turn to another side and see

What I used to be, when I was little

Happy and bright and oh so nice

Until provoked to violence.

Wreaking havoc unto her future self.

Blocking the only way out is the future

Imposing, though short

A wedding ring on her finger, but that doesn’t fool anyone

Because all know that she works with criminals all day

Finding if they are guilty or not, seeing crime scenes at least twice a week,

So most people and situations will not frighten her.

She is sure of herself and knows what to do, no matter what the case is.

I turn and face the walls around me, locked in a room of myself.

Never to fully return to one single state, but have a little of each one

To carry on my way home.


Please review, let me know what you think coming out of this poem.  I am quite curious.


What did you think?

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