A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 6, The Book of Revelations

No, not that Book of Revelations.  *sighs*  I wrote this quite a while ago, but just now typed it up.  Sadly, I do not know just how often I will be able to do any of these in the coming weeks since I am going to be gone so often.  Please enjoy whilst you can.


The Book of Revelations

It’s amazing what one learns from grief,

The things it reveals for the first time.

It allows one to see past his or her shuttered eyes and

Into the truth.


Never before would I have thought that

One I had once trusted so much

Really has no capacity for emotional tirades,

When all you want is someone there for you and

They just abandon you along the way.


Life grabs you by the shoulders and shakes

One       Awake        So                   That

In               The    Midst                   Of

A               Crisis                One       Is

Sensitized        To          How     Things



I withdraw slightly from him

Now that I know what he really is.

But I don’t expect more

It’s not in his repertoire,

Just like some things are missing from mine.


So just beware the pitfalls in

Human nature, be aware in times of

Strife.  But don’t ever forget to live life to the

Fullest, and to never give up.


What did you think?

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