A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 6, The Book of Revelations

No, not that Book of Revelations.  *sighs*  I wrote this quite a while ago, but just now typed it up.  Sadly, I do not know just how often I will be able to do any of these in the coming weeks since I am going to be gone so often.  Please enjoy whilst you can.


The Book of Revelations

It’s amazing what one learns from grief,

The things it reveals for the first time.

It allows one to see past his or her shuttered eyes and

Into the truth.


Never before would I have thought that

One I had once trusted so much

Really has no capacity for emotional tirades,

When all you want is someone there for you and

They just abandon you along the way.


Life grabs you by the shoulders and shakes

One       Awake        So                   That

In               The    Midst                   Of

A               Crisis                One       Is

Sensitized        To          How     Things



I withdraw slightly from him

Now that I know what he really is.

But I don’t expect more

It’s not in his repertoire,

Just like some things are missing from mine.


So just beware the pitfalls in

Human nature, be aware in times of

Strife.  But don’t ever forget to live life to the

Fullest, and to never give up.


A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 5, Trapped in Myself

This poem is a little older than the others.  I have some new poems, but I am too lazy to get up and get my journal and post more.  Maybe tomorrow.  Well, actually, I take that back.  Two days from today.  Anyways, enjoy!


Trapped In Myself

I look into the mirror and see a reflection

Of a different girl.  She is tall and confidant and everything I clearly am not. She flies and I fall

To the ground.

I place my fingers on the pane

Into that other dimension and see

What I could be if I were different.

Shows emotions, gossips, does what other girls do.

I turn around and see the real me, staring out from a portrait on the wall.

Short and slumped over

Not a smidgen of emotion on her round cheeks

A keeper of dark secrets

Avoider of most girls, who talks bad about cheerleaders and footballer players alike.

I turn to another side and see

What I used to be, when I was little

Happy and bright and oh so nice

Until provoked to violence.

Wreaking havoc unto her future self.

Blocking the only way out is the future

Imposing, though short

A wedding ring on her finger, but that doesn’t fool anyone

Because all know that she works with criminals all day

Finding if they are guilty or not, seeing crime scenes at least twice a week,

So most people and situations will not frighten her.

She is sure of herself and knows what to do, no matter what the case is.

I turn and face the walls around me, locked in a room of myself.

Never to fully return to one single state, but have a little of each one

To carry on my way home.


Please review, let me know what you think coming out of this poem.  I am quite curious.

A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 4, The World As It Is

I would say that this poem is a double-whopper.  Two hard hits on life.  I guess I should place a little warning in here.  This is deep and really personal.  In about the middle of the poem, I had a big revelation as i had split up writing it, if memory serves me right.  I would greatly appreciate any type of response.


The World As It Is

Sometimes I don’t see the point on living

In this world

If the world is just going to hell anyways.

I mean, I know that we go to school to learn from humanity’s past mistakes,

But sometimes all that school teaches makes me feel

Sad and Useless.

All the wars, all the conflicts over basically nothing

Has made me lose hope in humanity.

The things we have done to the Earth:

Nuclear weapon testing

Ozone depletion

Increase in greenhouse gases

Oil Spills


All these things that we have done, and for what?

There is no way for us to fix the problems

No way for us to take back all the wrong-doings we have done.

We can stop, but we cannot totally reverse the effects of what we have done.

Even today global warming is changing the environment.

Humid Houston had a cold front last week that had the low in the forties,

When usually at this time of year the low is already in the seventies or eighties.

So all of this

All of this

This mess we have made,

Us humans.

Is there any point really to live?

Can I make a difference in this world?

Will what I do really help the world in any way?

I want to make a difference, but what difference can a teenage girl whose life is school really make?

If this is all I can give to the world, then take it.

Take, spread it around, remake it.

Hell, I might feel like my life is shit,

Whine about not having a boyfriend, having too much work, my grades going to take a hit.

But you know what?

None of that really matters.

I don’t really matter.

The message is what really matters.

The world is what really matters.

So here, I’ll serve this to you on a platter,

The answer.

The answer to some of my previous questions.

Life matters because together we can make a difference.

We can try to back-track; get closer to how the Earth used to be,

But to do that everyone has to be in tandem,

We can’t make each individual life random.

The Earth might not be exactly as it was before, but,

So what?  The Earth was changing before humans were even born.

Now, the things I have said might not be what you yourself believe

(Which is totally fine with me),

But please just listen to what I have to say,

Don’t let the life of this one solitary girl go in vain.

And for all of you out there who think often of taking your own life,

Don’t go there, please,

It is not worth all the strife.

Now, I have totally changed topics, but why stop now?

Two important topics, one poem, will you stick around?

Life is precious, ok?

It has its ups and downs,

If anyone knows that it would be me,

For I feel the extremes of them all.

Whatever you are going through,

Others have felt as well.

Someone can help you through it, I promise,

And that person doesn’t necessarily have to be a professional.

In fact, if you ever just want to talk

About anything,

About life,

About death

Please, I am begging you,

Just let me know.


Now to lighten the mood!


My silly little brother in the hot tub, being a tomato.

A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 3; The Fight For What We Think Is Right, Too

The second part that I promised.  Enjoy.


The Fight For What We Think Is Right, Too

Us parents, hold on so tight

To our little dying children’s lives,

But sometimes they slip from our grasp.

Life support sometimes isn’t enough

To keep little bodies warm and full of light.

I close my eyes,

Blink back the tears

Little girl of only eight now gone.

I thought of death as only a one-way street

But maybe that isn’t always what it was meant to be.

One death leads to others,

Not always connected but others are.

Why did she have to slip away?

Why couldn’t she live another day?

All the things I should have said,

All the things I should have done

All the things I can no longer do.

I feel like I am broken in two.

How can parents take this?

Not even related, but I am impacted so severely that

Sometimes I think of taking my own life.

Poor parents, children should never have to die

Before I didn’t realize that, but now I do.

Why does it take death for us to learn something new?

I wish that I could just undo

The past year or two.

So this is me,

Signing out.

Not taking sides in this war

Any more.

A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 2, The Fight For What We Think is Right

Day 2 of poetry!!!  Now, this one is really deep and I am open to controversial arguments about this topic.  The next poem connects to this one, so be looking for it tomorrow!

The Fight for What We Think Is Right

We just can’t make ourselves let go

Of the ones we love.

We hold them in tight

Even when we know it hurts them.


Our love blinds us, makes us unable to see

The pain felt by little bodies as they are forced to continue to breathe.

We would travel the world looking for the best doctors in their field,

Spending all our money on an elusive cure for our children when they just feel

Like crap.  Maybe they just want to die,

But it is our duty as parents to keep on fighting.


Hunched over and in pain,

Faces rarely seeing the pure light of day,

Not through the window, but felt by his or her face.

Dreaming of the day they will finally be free,

To run and jump and play as they please.

But no, us faithful parents with all our love and tears,

We cling to them tightly, their lifeline to the living world,

Keeping them away from the grip of the grave.


Yes, I understand that some cannot have another child,

Or that they love their child too much to just let them go.

But the thing is we all love each and every one of our children so very much,

And if we truly loved them we would do what is right.

We just love to say that we are doing what is right,

But I think that deep inside we all know what is really going on.


We claim that we want to help the children of the future,

Keep them safe and healthy, not subject to what our children are going through.

We swipe away all memories of their pain after treatment

Only keeping the pain once felt by wounds and various abuses.


Why have we become so blind to what we do?

I am not saying to pull the plug, but to just think about what our children are going through.

If we do that, maybe we will finally be able to see

What each of our children’s calling is meant to be.

(Forgot to say that I wrote this poem.)

A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 1, Broken

I just felt like being a bit… interesting with the title.  I have now decided to create a series of poems for you, the reader, to help those of you writing, out of inspiration, or whatever is ailing you to keep your mind fresh.  They will likely be hard or rough, and they might not all be by me.  This one is particularly rough.  Let me know if this is a good idea and if you would like me to continue or not.



That is all that I can feel.

Even more cutting than lying on my back in the snow

Stuck there by a broken knee just obtained

Lying there, all alone.

No, this is more, this is worse.

The cold is not on the outside,

But on the inside.

My heart, frozen over.

Black, dead, dripping with puscules filled with ooze

Yet I stand.

I stand here, but I feel…

Nothing but pain.

Pain, and the joy of causing pain in others.

Not physical pain, no, that is too simple of a task.

No, emotional pain

Get him where it will hurt and continue to hurt.

How to be “friends” with one that causes you so much pain?

Can you?

I don’t know.

All I know is that I feel like my world is on fire and at the same time

I am being dunked into a hole in the ice on the coast of Alaska,

I feel like my insides are slowly being crushed,

I feel as if I could rip a man limb for limb,

I feel like fire and ice rolled into one deadly package.


I bet you didn’t enter this into your “disaster chart” when you did your calculations.

Bet you wish you did now.


I both want to hate you and be your friend.

Look what you have done.




That is the horrific truth in this case.

Are you happy now?