The Problem With Inconsistencies: Delving into The Giver Movie and the Past

These days, we all criticize inconsistencies.  A prime example comes from the recent film The Giver‘s differences from the original book.  Some that I heard of from Nerdophiles, an awesome page, was about the inconsistencies between Jonas’ age and eye color, where Jonas sees his first color, the showing of time change, the dynamic of Jonas’ friendship with Asher and Fiona, and the knowing of showing of emotions by people other than Jonas and the Giver.  All valid points, but I would like to bring up another point.  What I want to say is quite simply this:  There have been inconsistencies in literary works almost since the beginning.  My biggest and best example that I can think of is the fact that Sophocles had a major inconsistency in his play Oedipus the King.  Why, you ask, is this so important?  Well, think:  perhaps the inconsistencies are purposeful.  What if they are placed there by the authors and the producers and scriptwriters to deliberately make you think?  I mean, sure, it’s a big possibility that they were just by mistake, but I think that we should just view them as a way for the makers of the medium to get you to appreciate their work more and think about it in a deeper manner.  What are your thoughts?