A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 3; The Fight For What We Think Is Right, Too

The second part that I promised.  Enjoy.


The Fight For What We Think Is Right, Too

Us parents, hold on so tight

To our little dying children’s lives,

But sometimes they slip from our grasp.

Life support sometimes isn’t enough

To keep little bodies warm and full of light.

I close my eyes,

Blink back the tears

Little girl of only eight now gone.

I thought of death as only a one-way street

But maybe that isn’t always what it was meant to be.

One death leads to others,

Not always connected but others are.

Why did she have to slip away?

Why couldn’t she live another day?

All the things I should have said,

All the things I should have done

All the things I can no longer do.

I feel like I am broken in two.

How can parents take this?

Not even related, but I am impacted so severely that

Sometimes I think of taking my own life.

Poor parents, children should never have to die

Before I didn’t realize that, but now I do.

Why does it take death for us to learn something new?

I wish that I could just undo

The past year or two.

So this is me,

Signing out.

Not taking sides in this war

Any more.


A Poem a Day Keeps the Mind Out of Decay: Day 2, The Fight For What We Think is Right

Day 2 of poetry!!!  Now, this one is really deep and I am open to controversial arguments about this topic.  The next poem connects to this one, so be looking for it tomorrow!

The Fight for What We Think Is Right

We just can’t make ourselves let go

Of the ones we love.

We hold them in tight

Even when we know it hurts them.


Our love blinds us, makes us unable to see

The pain felt by little bodies as they are forced to continue to breathe.

We would travel the world looking for the best doctors in their field,

Spending all our money on an elusive cure for our children when they just feel

Like crap.  Maybe they just want to die,

But it is our duty as parents to keep on fighting.


Hunched over and in pain,

Faces rarely seeing the pure light of day,

Not through the window, but felt by his or her face.

Dreaming of the day they will finally be free,

To run and jump and play as they please.

But no, us faithful parents with all our love and tears,

We cling to them tightly, their lifeline to the living world,

Keeping them away from the grip of the grave.


Yes, I understand that some cannot have another child,

Or that they love their child too much to just let them go.

But the thing is we all love each and every one of our children so very much,

And if we truly loved them we would do what is right.

We just love to say that we are doing what is right,

But I think that deep inside we all know what is really going on.


We claim that we want to help the children of the future,

Keep them safe and healthy, not subject to what our children are going through.

We swipe away all memories of their pain after treatment

Only keeping the pain once felt by wounds and various abuses.


Why have we become so blind to what we do?

I am not saying to pull the plug, but to just think about what our children are going through.

If we do that, maybe we will finally be able to see

What each of our children’s calling is meant to be.

(Forgot to say that I wrote this poem.)